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The FISU World University Championship Rowing 2024 in Rotterdam will be organised by and for students. This is also what makes the Dutch student culture so special and unique. (Ex-)Students from different associations and cities are combining their efforts to provide an epic rowing event for students from all over the world. Find out who are responsible amazing event!


Pauline Damhof

Club: W.S.R. “Argo”


Iris Zelsmann

Club: A.L.S.R.V. “Asopos de Vliet”


Mark Nijmeijer

Club: A.A.S.R. “Skøll”

Logistics Manager

Floor van Lieshout

Club: A.S.R. “Nereus”

Sponsor Manager

Joris Bergman

Club: W.S.R. “Argo”

Marketing Manager

Rens Krediet

Club: W.S.R. “Argo”

Regatta Manager

Berjan Waanders

Club: G.S.R. “Aegir”

Venue Manager

Gilles Luyendijk

Club: A.R.S.R. “Skadi”

President of the Jury

Laurens van Campen

Club: D.S.R. “Proteus-Eretes / R.V. “De Delftsche Sport”


Side Event Manager

  • Vacant

Volunteer Coordinators

  • Vera Gräper (Orca)
  • Joël Vandervinnen (Argo)

Regatta Management

  • Rik Verboeket (Laga/Nautilus)
  • Lucas Boogaart (Proteus-Eretes)
  • Laura van de Wardt (Argo)
  • Sam van den Oetelaar (Argo)
  • Wouter van der Does (Argo)

Logistics Committee

  • Willemijn Knaud (Pelargos)
  • Amber Breed (Skøll)
  • Sjoerd Kelder (Triton)

Marketing Committee

  • Niek van der Grift (Proteus-Eretes)
  • Sophie van Dulmen (Skøll)
  • Anouk Baartmans (Phocas)

Venue Committee

  • Thom Pol (RIC)
  • Marek Oerlemans (Skadi)
  • Nino Bonsangue (Proteus-Eretes)
  • Lieke van der Lee (Argo)
  • Morris Koetse (Argo)

Sponsor Committee

  • Rens Bakker (Asopos de Vliet)
  • Merel Bakx (Agon)

Team Safety Water

  • Jeroen Freling (Dudok van Heel)
  • Berend van Leengoed (Proteus-Eretes)
  • Elianne de Waard (Orca)

Are you also interested in helping the FISU World University Championship Rowing 2024? Visit our vacancies page or send an email to