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This page will be updated continuously, check it regularly for the latest updates.


For any questions you may have at this point, please contact:

Entries, draw & results

For the entries, draw and live results, lease check TimeTeam: link. This link will also be used for intermediary updates on rowing-related matters such as adverse weather conditions.

Provisional time table

The FISU World University Championships Rowing 2024 will be part of multiple rowing events held during the same weekend at the Rotterdam regatta course. The other two events are:

  1. the season-closing regatta of the Dutch student rowing community (NSRF), and;
  2. the Argo sprint races.

Student-athletes from all over the world will meet in Rotterdam for four days of racing and can experience the lively and 150-year old Dutch student rowing tradition. As the regattas will be combined on the same venue in the same weekend, the provisional time table will include all three events.

Information will follow in 2024 for crews wishing to participate in the sprint races (500m) on Friday evening or the national student regatta on Sunday (2000m). In case you already require this information because of travel arrangements, please contact Regatta Management.

The provisional time table is via accessible here: link

Traffic Rules

To ensure safe conditions on the water during training and racing, participants are requested to study the traffic rules carefully. Please adhere to them at all times and follow the instructions of the rescue personnel and marshalls.

General terms

The rowing competitions will be organised in accordance with the most recent technical regulations of the “Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d’Aviron” (FISA), except for the regulation concerning the coxswains, who may be of either gender for the FISU World University Championships. In any dispute the English text shall be regarded as authoritative.

The following events will be open for entry. Additional requests will not be honoured.

Men Women
Single sculls (M1x)
Double sculls (M2x)
Pair (M2-)
Four (M4-)
Eight (M8+)

Singel sculls (LM1x)
Double sculls (LM2x)
Single sculls (W1x)
Double sculls (W2x)
Pair (W2-)
Four (W4-)
Eight (W8+)

Singel sculls (LW1x)
Double sculls (LW2x)
Also including the Mixed four (4x)

Each country is authorised to present a maximum of one (1) crew per event. The delegation may include officials in proportion to the number of participants entered as follows:

  • Up to nine (9) participants: two (2) officials;
  • Up to twenty (20) participants: four (4) officials;
  • Over twenty (20) participants: five (5) officials.

At the first General Technical Meeting, the Head of Delegation or his/her representative shall confirm and sign the official list of competitors.

Boat rental

The organising committee will provide the boats and oars at a charge of €45,- per seat per day for crews travelling overseas (i.e. not from the European continent – including the UK & Ireland). Swift Racing is our partner for your boats. Accessories such as a CoxBox and Speedcoach are not provided. 8+’s will be equipped with Nielsen-Kellerman cables and speakers. An inventorisation of which shoe sizes are required will take place after the individual entry of June 1st. Oars will be provided by Concept2 and have a green inner handle by default. The outer handle can be configured on site at the Concept2 stand. Details on your boat will be provided as soon as possible.

Continental crews are encouraged to bring their own boats and oars. There will be security guards during the night, sufficient boat racks, and parking spaces for boat trailers.

Update May 20th: new requests for additional boat rentals are currently closed.

The cancellation policy can be found on the For Participants page